Recent advances in computer and telecommunications networking have increased the importance of networking technologies in the computing discipline. Mastery of this subject area involves both theory and practice. The 2001 ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula strongly recommends the involvement of hands-on experimentation and analysis in computer networking. These experiments reinforce students' understanding of evolving computer networking concepts and their application to real-world problems, which is the main goal of the Net-SEAL project. The main outcomes of this project will be a set of networking experiments and animations to depict the dynamic of the protocols addressed in the experiments. The experiments are based on simulating small, big, and global networks. The experiments will promote the teamwork spirit and collaboration between students.

     The proposed materials will address students in both two-year and four-year colleges. Formal assessment will be conducted to determine how the proposed materials affect student learning. The Net-SEAL project will establish partnership with professors teaching computer networking courses in two-year and four-year colleges. A workshop is proposed where a group of these professors will be trained to teach with the proposed materials in this project.

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October 24, 2007:
New Experiments Manual

October 8, 2007:
New Search

September 24, 2007:
Net-SEAL In Your Class

October 16, 2006:
Public Launch

June 15, 2006:
Website Creation

February 15, 2006:
Start Date

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